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How To Reduce Your Petrol Bills


Petrol is expensive and everyone can do with some extra cash in their pockets at all times. The following are some tips that you can follow in order to reduce your petrol bill.

1. Stay Aerodynamic

Keep windows closed while you are driving at high speeds. Keeping the window open while driving at high speeds utilizes more petrol than driving with the airconditioner on. You should also remove roof racks and boxes when they are not in use.

2. Slow down

According to reports, driving at 70 kmh as compared to 80kmh can save you up to 25% in fuel.

3. Sensible driving

Be alert with regards to what other drivers are doing. Lesser braking will help you to save fuel. Try and drive smoothly when you are in heavy traffic and avoid driving too fast which will likely force you to brake often.

4. Take care of your tires

Good tires are essential if you want to drive economcally and smoothly. You should check tire pressure regularly. Correctly inflated tires can improve fuel consumption by as much as 2%.

5. Cut down on car usage

This might be an obvious one but a way in which you can cut down on fuel usage is by reducing your trips with the car. Try walking, cycling, car pooling or using public transport instead.

6. Drive a manuel

Automatic cars use 10-15% more fuel than a manuel transmission. The gap is closing on as the design of semi-automatic modern cars improve.

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