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How to Protect Your Home When On Vacation

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Having a vacation from time to time can definitely help you free your mind from lot of everyday stress. However, before going to a trip, make sure your home is safe and in a good condition, also unnoticeable especially to thieves. We made a list of how you can protect your home when you’re away.

Lock all windows and doors

Before you leave the house don’t forget to lock all doors and windows. Most of the time, robbers enter through unlocked doors or windows because the owner forget to lock it. Also this protect your home from heavy rains or wind as well as animals.

Collect all mails in the mailbox

Too much mail in your mailbox might catch attention especially to burglars. You can ask your good friend, relatives or close neighbor to collect all your mails when you left for vacation. Also if you have magazine or newspaper subscription you can request to stop the delivery and resume once you get back.

Switch on the lights

It is easy to know if no one’s around in the house because of silence and darkness. To avoid thieves’ attention it is better to leave few lights on when you’re away on a vacation. You can use motion sensor lights to avoid trespassers.

Take care of the yard before leaving

Maintain the cleanliness and beauty of your lawn or yard even though you’re on a trip. Dirty or unattractive means no one’s at home to take away dry leaves and weeds. It is advisable to let your gardener continue working even without your presence.

Just leave the car in the driveway

If your car is in the driveway people might think that you or a family member is inside the house. Burglars will feel hesitant to do something bad because they think you’re home. Just make sure to lock your car, don’t forget the car key or try to ask for a neighbor if he or she wants to park in your driveway.

Hide valuable items

Before going on a long vacation don’t forget to secure valuable items inside your home as well as in your garage. Social security cards, financial information like bank account numbers must be put in a safe place. Some thieves are not only interested in gadgets and money but also with your identity.

Avoid posting on social media

You and your family must not broadcast your get away vacation on any social media sites. It is better to do it once you’re back. Posting pictures while on vacation will let your hundred or thousand followers in social media know that no one is at home and that is not good.

Get your security system ready

Use your home security system and security cameras. If you don’t have one, make a fake sign to put trespassers away from your home.

Security devices must be programmed correctly while you are gone. Also, it is better to inform the company that you’re going away.

Adjust the thermostat

It is important to adjust the thermostat to prevent the HVAC system from unnecessary heating or cooling rooms as well as preventing from too much energy usage. Just adjust the right temperature once you get back from vacation.

Avoid water damage

If you’re living in a moderate climate it is suitable to turn off the main switch water supply especially if there’s a leaky pipe. However if you’re in a cold area or someone will be checking your house like a close friend or relative, it is much better to just leave the water on so they can use it if they need to.

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