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How to Make Money Online & Earn $2500 for Free with Ethx.co

Make money online

Make Money Online: Ethx.co is a new global cryptocurrency exchange which is set to start its trading from 1st August 2018. Earlier this month, the company launched their pre-ICO sale during the first week of July and now the company is running their ICO sale which is about to end this month. Many students are searching for an opportunity to make money online for students and even homemakers are looking to make money online program for the housewife. But most of them end up with scam products and service.

Join Ethx and get 10 Ethx Coins

But Ethx offers a very good opportunity to make decent money online. The company offers some task and in return pays Ethx coin which can be used to buy Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency or one can withdraw the money to their bank account by selling Ethx coin online.

Make money online

Make Money Online with Ethx

The Ethx.co offers so many badges in their portal and when customers complete the tasks, they earn Ethx coins which can be sold in their exchange and they can withdraw cash without any hassle.

The company offers following task,

  • Follow on Twitter (Fan Badge) – 1 Ethx
  • Follow on Facebook (Love Badge) – 1 Ethx
  • Retweet (Tweetheart Badge) – 1 Ethx
  • Request a good feature to add in their exchange (Ninja Badge) – 50 Ethx
  • Publish an article or Youtube video about Ethx (Influencer Badge) – 50 Ethx
  • Find security loophole in Ethx (Hacker Badge) – 100 Ethx
  • Follow Telegram Group (Wolfpack Badge) – 1 Ethx
  • Subscribe to Telegram channel (Follower Badge) – 1 Ethx
  • Publish 20 high quality posts on Ethx Forum (Initiated Badge) – 25 Ethx
  • Deposit any Crypto in Ethx.co (First Step Badge) – 1 Ethx
  • Hold $1000 worth of Crypto in Ethx (Wolf of Wallstreet Badge) – 50 Ethx
  • Hold $10000 worth of Crypto in Ethx (Goblin Badge) – 2500 Ethx
  • Refer 100 friends (Rockstar Badge) – 200 Ethx
  • Refer 500 friends (Superstar Badge) – 1000 Ethx
  • Refer 1000 friends (Magnet Badge) – 2500 Ethx

These are some of the tasks offered by Ethx.co, additionally when user signup, they get 10 Ethx. So there is a chance to make more than 10,000 Ethx coins using this program.

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Ethx ICO price was around $0.23 per coin, and it may grow big as they have a solid project they are working at the moment. If they grow big, Ethx coins may hit $2 to $2 per coin in the next few months.

So that is a quite easy money one can make online and earn more than $2500 in a few months using Ethx referral program.

Join Ethx and get 10 Ethx Coins

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