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How to Lower Your Electric Bill

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Would you like to save money? One way is by paying less on utility expenses especially in your electricity bill. There are some simple ways and tips that could definitely help you save energy. Try doing these easy steps and put it into practice in your home.


It is better to unplug the appliances if not in use like washing machine, ceiling fans, cell phone charger, TV, etcetera to save electricity. This surely helps in decreasing the consumption of energy in your home, simple yet effective.

Heating and Cooling

Air conditioning and Heating system in your home is most probably the main energy consumer. Take advantage of your HVAC system’s effectiveness to help in lessening your electric bill and stay comfortable every time you use it.


Instead of using old bulbs you can use LED bulbs. It uses less energy but produce same quality of light just like the traditional bulb. It will make a great change in your utility bills and you will surely can save money and use it on other bills.


Aside from making your home attractive and eye catching, landscaping also helps in conserving electricity especially during summer time. A tree, vine or shrub can be use as shade to reduce heat from entering your home.

Sealing and Insulation

Make sure all your windows and doors are properly sealed as well as insulated. With proper sealing and insulation this will significantly help you in decreasing the electricity bill.

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