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How to Jumpstart a car


Jumpstarting a car is a skill that all car drivers must learn as it could even be a matter of life or death. Jumpstarting a car is a simple process if done correctly but can be very dangerous and even cause serious injury or death if done incorrectly. The following describe how to properly jumpstart a car and also describes safety precautions which must be undertaken.

Always check that the “dead” car has adequate supply of fuel before attempting to jumpstart it. Many people often mistaken a car which has no fuel left in it for a vehicle with a dead battery.

1.Ensure that the two vehicles which will be used are not touching each other. The gears must be set to neutral with the handbrakes upwards.

2. Connect the red cable clamp onto the positive post of the dead battery.

3. Connect the other red cable clamp onto the positive post of the live battery.

4. Connect the black cable clamp to the negative post of the live battery.

5. Make the final connection on the engine block of the stalled car while far away from the battery.

6. Attempt to start the dead vehicle while the live vehicle is off.

7. To remove cables, reverse the procedure.

Note: You should always carry a pair of Jumper Cables with you as you never know when you will need it.

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