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How to Get Rid of Insects in Your Home

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Some common bugs present in your home are flies, cockroaches, ants, spiders, house centipedes, silverfish, etc. It’s hard to get rid of bugs and insects inside your home that easily, however there are some ways to eliminate and keep them out.

Deal with cracks and openings

Always inspect your windows and doors. If you see holes make sure to fix them. Even though it’s just a little crack, bugs and insects will still take advantage of it and can enter your home freely.

Always keep your kitchen clean

Every time you make use of your kitchen don’t forget to make it clean especially before you sleep at night. Insects, especially ants love sweets like sugar, chocolate, cake mixes, etc. The best thing to do is put your food in a tightly sealed container and just purchase small amount to be use in a short period of time. Also, keep your floors and counters spotless and clear of food crumbs to avoid insect’s attention.

Dry Up damp areas

Aside from food insects are also looking for water. House centipedes, silverfish and springtails love to hang out on damp areas. Always fix your faucets and pipes immediately if they have leaks. In areas like your basement and attic make sure to check it and keep it dry.

Clean, brush & sweep frequently

Regular cleaning, brushing and sweeping are advisable to prevent bugs and insects roam around your house. In your kitchen, always check for food crumbs and clean your sink. Empty your trashcans and vacuum twice a week. As much as possible avoid pile of magazines or newspapers to avoid cockroaches.

Keep the outside free of trash

Don’t forget to keep your surroundings clean especially in your yard. Trash cans are type of places wherein bugs can hide and they can easily go and move inside your home. Eliminate the area where in mosquitoes can breed to avoid mosquito bites.

Exterminate insects you see

One way of stopping flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches to multiply is by using insect control products. It is much better to use products that are safe to children and odorless. Make sure to control the insect problem as soon as possible for you and your family’s health.

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