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How To Get Free Bitcoins

The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency Investing
The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency Investing

What You Can do to Get Free Bitcoins Today! (It’s Not What You Think!)

Ways to Get Free Bitcoin: As the currency of tomorrow, it’s no secret that it’s Bitcoin. However, as with any currency, it does not grow on trees. So this article will impart you with the answer to a pertinent question, that of how you can go about acquiring Bitcoins.

A number of methods to gain Bitcoins are out there. A few of them demand a lot of work, while others do not. Others necessitate none at all. Without further introduction, let’s walk you through how you can get Bitcoins for free.

We can tell you that there are a bunch of ways to obtain Bitcoins with no need of robbing a bank (or even a Bitcoin wallet!). Let’s begin by laying out a list of every possible choice before jumping into the nitty-gritty:

• MicroTasks (Email Reading, Survay, Ads Views, Website visit)
• Ads
• Freelancing
• Affiliate Programs
• Faucets
No Deposit Games

1). Get Bitcoin through MicroTasks

Microtasks, also call GPT (get paid to) means they’re sites that offer small tasks (such as finishing a survey, looking at a video, referring a website to someone, etc). They demand negligible effort and time (hence “micro” in the word) and you get paid in return.

With this article’s scope, we’ll get you acquainted with a few of the top-rated Microtask sites that compensate you with Bitcoin when the task is finished.

The only thing you have to do is put your Bitcoin address in and perform the job. These are the 3 sites that are the best for obtaining bitcoins for free with microtasks — BitcoinGet, Bitter.io and BTCClicks.com.

2). Free Bitcoins Using Ads

As one of the most serious and professional means of getting extra Bitcoins, ads can actually produce an impact and not just create some extra pocket change.

The idea is straightforward enough. If you have a place to insert ads (websites, blogs, pages, etc.) you can signup with various platforms listed here. A-Ads, BitMedia and MellowAds all compensate you either depending on a CPM or PPC basis (But every platform is a little different!).

3). Free Bitcoin with Faucets

Some of the most minimally labor-intensive means of producing Bitcoins is through faucets. The only thing you have to do is signup (which is optional for most of them). After that, there’s no second step!

Faucets are essentially sites that give some bits away every few minutes or hours for each Bitcoin address in the associated directory. CryptoGames.io is a good choice.

4). How to Get Bitcoins Through Freelancing

As something you can refer to after you are finished with Microtasks and Faucets for the day, freelancing is another way to get free bitcoin.

It is a tried and true method that’s not different from the typical freelancing jobs or platforms. They’re simply platforms just like any similar freelancing platform but they have an option on the site to pay you using Bitcoins. For the highest quality sites, check out XBTFreelancer and Coinality.

Extra Details:

You’ll get paid after you exceed a threshold of at lease 500 uBTC. This isn’t difficult considering every task gives almost 150+ uBTC. Payments are sent within one day of meeting the threshold.

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