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How To Get Backlinks From Google News Sites

How To Get Backlinks From Google News Sites
How To Get Backlinks From Google News Sites

Backlinks are an indispensable aspect of digital marketing and running a successful business or website online. Procuring backlinks proves a website’s authority and credibility on the internet, which requires nearly constant communication with other, respectable and authoritative entities online. Think of backlinks as virtual recommendations or testaments to your websites knowledge and dependability. Without the possession of valuable backlinks, consumers might never see your brand, as other sites and companies vouch for particular services or products. Furthermore, backlinks from more authoritative sources go a lot farther than links from just any source found on the internet. When sites like Google News Sites link out to your website or blog, it is seen as more reputable to both potential customers as well as other websites. Getting these important backlinks, however, can be a daunting challenge. The following are ways you can attain backlinks from Google News Sites.

Cold Email

Many Google News sites are run by content writers, digital markets and bloggers who are always looking to expand their own reach on the internet. Getting in touch with these professionals is a major key in establishing backlinks to your own site. Try cold emailing them, politely asking for a backlink. Moreover, you can invite respectable bloggers and content writers to guest post to your site. This will help establish the authority of that particular party as well as that of your own site. 

Linking Out

Linking out to other websites and driving traffic to those sites will not go unnoticed. When sites that you link for check their analytic data, they will see that it was your site that referred traffic to them. Hopefully, they will return the favor. Coupling this practice with cold emailing is an effective method of attaining backlinks. 

Quality Content

By far the best way to get backlinks from a Google News Site is to prove and promote high-quality and relevant content. If your site’s content is up to snuff and beckons viewers to share it, it is likely that it will gain a bit of authority all on its own. Thus, other websites will want to link to it. For example, if your site offers fresh and exciting content relating to the news in the Arizona area, it is likely that a site like the Arizona Daily Register will want to link out to it. 


Backlinks are something Google and other search engines consider when ranking a website highly in their search engine results pages (SERPs). In order to attain authoritative and reputable backlinks, web designers should try cold emailing prospects, linking out to other authoritative websites, and providing quality content on web pages.

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