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How to Find a Good Freelancer


In today’s day and age, hiring a freelancer as an entrepreneur can improve your productivity significantly. Many entrepreneurs hire freelancers who work on a remote basis from home to assist with scheduling meetings, answering phone calls, sending and responding to emails and for various other tasks as well.

Often freelancers can reduce your expenditure as they could allow you to avoid having to work on a full-time basis. Thanks to the internet, you can also employ a freelancer quite quickly from other part of the world. This could help in a sense that it could help boost the productivity of your business even while you are asleep.

As far as possible, always ask potential freelancers for samples of their work. This can help you to deduce whether they are suitable for the work that you require them to do.

1. Sniff around your network

If you have a big network of fellow entrepreneurs, the chances are likely that one of your contacts has a freelancer working for them. Ask them for suggestions of people whom you could potentially hire to assist you with your task.

2. Upwork

Many companies today use the digital platform UpWork to hire freelancers. This platform contains thousands of freelancers and if you post an Advertisement, you can expect to get responses from freelancers from all around the World.

If you get applications, you can view the ratings of the freelancers and some of them also include samples of their previous work on their profile. You should ideally phone them via the app before hiring to have a conversation with them while you should also ideally hire someone with a good rating and who has received good feedback from other users.

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