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How To Choose The Right Social Media Channel For Your Marketing Strategy

The rise of social media has created an easy way for companies to get in contact with consumers of their products. However, and due to the extensive proliferation that has emerged, it isn’t entirely effective to dive halfway through all social media channels.

To reach customers effectively, the ideal is to choose some platforms and focus only on them to offer content marketing to your target audience. Here are ten key considerations for choosing the right social media platform for your business marketing strategy.

1. Where Your Target Audience Is
One of the most common mistakes is to be present in all social media platforms, when the ideal is to focus your presence on those where your target audience is. For example: the Pinterest public is mostly made up of older millennial women and young baby boomers, Facebook and Twitter users are mostly millennials, while the Z generation predominates on Snapchat. Identify where your target audience is, and focus your strategy on that platform.

2. How Your Audience Uses Social Media
It’s important to understand how your audience uses a specific social channel and if your brand can enter into that dynamic. For example, if your target audience is huge on Snapchat, but if they look for content that your brand cannot provide authentically, it’s better not to.

3. What You Can Offer To Your Audience
Don’t fall into ineffective strategies such as publishing on all channels about holidays and “national” days, like Taco Tuesday or Doughnut Day. You must determine what content your brand is capable of producing, and how it can add value to your customers and help you build your brand. Once this is determined, you’ll find your way to the most appropriate channels.

4. Marketing People
Each social media channel has a specific type of marketing personas, and your customer base should reflect to which channel you can target your strategy, based on criteria such as country, gender, age, etc. For example, if your brand is targeting women over 60 in Europe, a channel like TikTok wouldn’t be the most appropriate.

5. “Who”, Then “Where”
It is important to determine who the target demographic groups are. By doing this, you can determine “where” your target audience is, and if it is appropriate to interact with those potential customers on those platforms.

6. Your “Why”
To define your brand narrative, and before addressing your marketing strategy, you must define why you do what you do. In this way, you will get your customers to buy on emotion by knowing the reason of existence of your brand, and why you offer a product or service.

7. Your Brand Story
Each social network has unique strengths to tell the story of a brand, and in this way, connect with the audience. Through an audit of each platform, you can determine which platform is most recommended to tell your story.

8. The Company’s Goal For Social Media
A typical mistake of many companies is to address social platforms seeking to reach their audience without having a clear idea of what they want to achieve. It is essential to define what the company wants to achieve from its interaction on social platforms, and thus be able to choose the most appropriate channels to focus its marketing strategy.

9. What Types Of Services You Offer
If you offer professional services, concentrate your strategy on LinkedIn. Develop an ideal customer profile. Join groups that add people who fit into that profile. Get a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account and find people who fit the profile. Finally, connect with those people.

10. Your Performance On Multiple Platforms
For companies that are taking their first steps in social media marketing it is important to perform tests on multiple platforms, this in order to define which one works best for your strategy. You can perform A / B tests with different types of media on different platforms and thus determine what resonates best with your target audience.

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