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How to Avoid hot car Death by Using new Technology 


After around 53 children last year and 26 this year died by being left in a car, automakers forced to use a technology that alerts drivers if they have accidentally left a child in the car. safety advocates and lawmakers believed that this is not enough for safety.

Advocates are trying to push congress to force all automakers to make rear-seat monitoring features available on the U.S. sold cars.

General Motors and Nissan having a plan to make a technology that when you open a rear door before starting the car, it reminds you to check the backseat before leaving your car.

Around 50 parents and family members of children who died in hot cars this year have already sent a letter to General Motors CEO so they fulfill a promise made back in 2001 to add that technology to their cars.

Advocates believe that this technology cannot recognize even if you put a box of chocolates instead of a child in the backseat. According to Kidsandcars.org, this technology might give a false sense of security to parents which is the biggest danger. They believe that this technology might not always work.

This organization believes that about 1/3 of hot car deaths happen when children get into cars by themselves and end up trapped. They have requested from the automakers to install motion-sensing technology to solve this problem. Some models of Kia and Hyundai cars such as SUV models are currently equipped with this technology.

Source Link: https://www.ktbs.com/news/advocates-push-for-new-technology-to-avoid-hot-car-deaths/article_106cb0be-c5c2-11e9-9c31-efc4bb854da0.html


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