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How To Add Happiness To The Workplace


Everyone should aim to add a bit of happiness to the workplace. It will help you as well as your co-workers to get the best out of yourselves and boost productivity as well as profits in the long-run. The following are things that you can do to improve the workplace.

1. Sense of purpose

You should help to create an environment where people enjoy what they are doing. People tend to enjoy their work environment when they know that what they are doing is helping to add value to other people and the company. Less than a third of people say that they feel engaged at work. One reason for this is that meaning is complex.

2. Meet people whose lives you affect

Everyone’s work affects other people but it is often difficult to see. Making human connection improves productivity and happiness.

3. Do what you love

Many of us assume that we are doing our jobs the way that we always have but there is a way to modify the way that you perform your duties so as to improve your experience doing them. Amy Wrzesnniewski who is a Professor at Yale suggested a concept called job crafting. Job crafting means breaking down your job into individual tasks and then asking which you want to do less of and more of.

It can include taking on new projects as well as dropping certain responsibilities.

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