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How the NHL Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) Works


The current NHL collective bargaining agreement is set to end on January 2020. People are now eager to have something new after seven years under the contract.

In NHL, there are seasons where labor disputes affect the league. The current NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has overseen three such disputes in three different seasons. He is yet to say whether he will manage the fourth season next year.

So here is what you need to know about Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)

CBA is a huge deal involving the NHL ownership and Players’ Association and controls the whole operation of the league. CBA deals with the issue relating to the salary cap, contract rules, drug testing, among other things. CBA is simply a guide book to NHL operations.

How CBA Works

CBA will end when the party cancels it. When the league owners decide to end the CBA, they will give a written notice to NHPLA, which should be before September 1st.

If the union doesn’t want to go on with CBA, they are to give NHL a notice of termination before September 15th. The agreement would then end after the season.

NHL and union may also decide to extend the termination dates by a month or two, to continue with negotiations. This usually implies getting the deal gets done. Incase September 16th passes and neither party has exercised its termination rights; the current CBA will continue until September 2022.

NHL, together with the union, can also decide to make changes in the CBA by mutual agreement. If the two sides don’t agree on specific issues, they ask for an early termination to force some changes.

If a CBA is terminated, the league and the union are likely to have another season of interlocking.

NHL owners seem comfortable with the current CBA. But that doesn’t mean that if they are given a chance they won’t take it to make some changes.

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