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How is this California Power Couple Helping Change Natomas | Sacramento?


A power couple living in Sacramento is redefining the words “dynamic duo”. When you meet this couple you can sense the aura and vibe from them are so energetic and refreshing that you just get recharged with it. Mr. Marcus and Mrs. Christina Hinschberger are the husband-wife who are conquering new heights every day.

There are many feathers to their wing and words like world-class athletes, exceptional educators, passionate teachers, motivational coaches, inspirational speakers, role models, martial art experts describe them in part.

Christina has achieved 5th-degree black belt with the International Karate Coaching Federation and 5th-degree black belt with the ISKF. She is Shotokan karate practiser and is doing it for the last 30 years. She has represented the United States is a member of the ISKF national team at multiple international platforms.


As a through practiser, she also loves to teach Shotokan karate and doing so from the age of 16. She is a passionate, energetic, self-confident, enthusiastic teacher which makes her different from others as well as makes her teaching more intuitive. She is also a California Multiple Subject Credentialed teacher, a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Association of Sports Medicine and also a Certified Yoga Instructor through Yoga alliance.

It was all started from childhood when his father Sensei E. Valdes taught her all the skills. Meanwhile, on another end of the world, Sensei Bernd Hinschberger was putting all his focused effort to ensure his son Sensei Marcus Hinschberger gets all family values and tradition of martial arts. He is a 5th-degree black belt with the international karate coaching federation and a 4th-degree black belt with the Japan Karate Association.

He has also launched the world’s most comprehensive karate website- www.karatecoaching.com. He has achieved top-3 DJKB Shotokan Karate fighter in 2000 before coming to the United States from his homeland Germany. He has taught and trained numerous students and also imbibed his life-changing skills. The thing that makes him unique from others is the fusion of traditional Japanese martial with modern techniques.

These two champions meet each other at an international competition event. Their passion for martial art brought them together and made them friends that evolved into a marriage. These martial art couple crowned with the title of Sensei or Master Teacher has 60 years of combined experience.

These two masters have opened Token martial which weaves ancient training methods with cutting edge technology to yield full potential of their students. In an environment of respect, discipline and friendship students of Northern California are getting the true-life guidance to set and achieve goals both at a personal and professional level.

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