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How Adrian Morrison built a massive online community by hosting virtual mentoring sessions

Over the years, our society has evolved from being co-dependent to independent. This has produced a need for people to create online communities to grow together while still leveraging their personal freedom. One such community is based on virtual mentoring sessions.

With the growth of digital media, there are a few among these communities that aim to grow together to achieve online success through digital marketing. Adrian Morrison is one visionary who has built and looks to expand his existing online community. Adrian has solitarily developed an impressively extensive online community of learners who are willing to learn and grow together. Being one of the officially certified educational partners at Shopify, he runs a weekly show, ‘The Profit Power Hour,’ where he streams live to over 150,000 people every week and educates entrepreneurs on how to do Facebook ads, e-commerce and digital marketing.

Lately, digital marketing has caught on like fire and has become a necessity for businesses around the world. Despite the popularity, there are only a few who have successfully learned to tweak the digital platform in their own favor. Adrian runs many businesses online while making millions of dollars per year. His earnings are based on his skills in digital marketing. This led him to teach the world about it through his online show.

Initially, he started teaching his friends around his hometown and later shifted to an online platform to spread his reach. He believes, his show has veritably helped many of his students to succeed and some are even attaining about 8 figures in earning. “It is the best feeling in the world to see your own results helping many others, around the world,” says Adrian when asked how he feels about his students’ achievements.

Adrian’s show is a free guide for novices as it talks about how they should get started with their online business. The show also takes the viewer’s inside his personal journey in the e-commerce business, thereby helping them avoid the mistakes he made while discovering new strategies. He adds, “I want my students to learn from the mistakes I made so that their businesses can grow and scale at a rapid rate.”

Adrian feels that the community will continue to grow as more and more people are shifting towards online platforms. His community has many who are looking for a second income to help run their families and his tactics have helped them to a great extent.

Recently, the U.S Department of Commerce released the quarterly retail sales for the last quarter of 2018. It shows a steady rise and upward trajectory for online retail businesses as people are inclining to buy more through online retail. This makes the online e-commerce business a viable option for many Americans to fetch extra income and be a part of the booming industry.

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