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Hot Tub Time Machine 1 Review


This is a decent buddy comedy movie. It is a step up above The Hangover though occupying similar turf. The guys bond and seek to relive their youth which was filled with mischief and missed opportunities. There are women and wives involved but all are in support roles.

A 40-year-old party-animal named Lou gets drink and passes out while he guns his engine in time to music while listening to Motley Crue.

His best friends Adam and Nick think that he must have attempted suicide. They are worried about their friend as he shows no maturity and regularly gets drunk. They return to a lodge where they all got drunk during the 1980’s and drag along Jacob who is Adam’s nephew.

Twenty years later, the lodge is shabby. They get the same room which they had before and it has gone downhill. They is a cheerful repairman named Chevy Chase who fixes the tub when they have problems and it then starts to bubble with an inner glow. The guys jump in and are magically transported back to their youth in the 1980’s. Jacob was not born but it was their present selves who were transported.

This sets the tone for the comedy contriving every single problem and paradox. Nick makes a drunk phone call to his wife who was then in Primary School.

This is not the best of comedies but also not the worst and worth watching over a beer while with friends.

Source Link: https://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/hot-tub-time-machine-2010

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