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Horrible Bosses 1 Review


If one had to describe Horrible Bosses 1 using two words, it would be “funny and dirty”. The story involves three horrible bosses and three employees who vow to murder them. The movie works as the bosses are truly horrible and how badly the employees are treated. The employees are however bad at killing.

The movie was also situated in a time during which American employees were being treated badly and their employers knew it. The bosses display vile behaviour. Dave Harkin, played by Kevin Spacey is a sadist who toys with his middle manager Nick who is played by Jason Bateman.

The second boss introduced in the movie is Dr Julia Harris who is played by Jennifer Aniston. A sex-hungry dentist. Her target is Dale (Charlie Day), her dental assistant who is engaged and will soon be married. Harris is attracted to Dale and engages in quite obvious sexual harassment.

The third boss is Bobby Pelitt who is played by Colin Farrell. Bobby assumes control of the company from his father Jack and uses the money generated to fund his self-indulgent lifestyle. His employee Kurt was trained by his father and now watches with stress as Bobby damages the environment without a single care in order to ensure that his business makes as much profits as possible.

Nick, Dale and Kurt all regularly meet in order to share their sorrows that come from working for their respective bosses. One night, during a meeting, they become inspired to murder them. They then go to an unsavoury bar in search of a man and they meet James who is played by Jamie Foxx. The surprise in this movie was the role of Jeniffer Aniston. It was surprising to see Aniston who has a fairly clean-cut image assuming such a dirty role.

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