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Hitachi Unveils Highly Secure Hand-Gesture Biometrics Technology for Computers


The Japanese tech giant Hitachi has recently unveiled a cutting-edge biometric security technology to secure computers and web-enabled devices. Well, almost every new device today has this feature as a built-in offer so what is with this new Hitachi thing? A good question by curious minds. What makes Hitachi’s new addition to biometrics security technology interesting is its scanning of something more concrete and deeper than fingertips or facial features – it scans the veins inside the hand for recognition. This is a revolutionary new milestone both in terms of security and device protection techniques.

The biometric vein scanner by Hitachi is something which should be a great relief for the corporate sector, especially the new evolving Industry 4.0. The security risks of password-protection for business are immense. On the other hand, other types of biometric security methods like facial or fingertips recognition have also not proved very effective as well. But with this new addition to the biometric security setup, business and industrial operations will see a much enhanced and credible security unlike anything before.

The Hitachi finger veins scanning technology will simply use a device’s camera to scan the Venous system for a recognized pattern to allow/disallow access to the device. To verify, the user needs to raise their hands in front of the camera while it detects the recognized pattern, simply! A couple of industries and sectors are already using Hitachi’s world-class biometric security system, specifically the banking sector in Japan, Europe, and North America.

With this new addition to the biometrics technology, Hitachi’s aim to be the dominant technology security provider globally will see little to no competition, given the fact that such innovative techniques will keep on coming by the Japanese tech giant.

Source Link: http://www.netimperative.com/2019/09/hitachi-launches-hand-gesture-biometrics-technology-for-computer-security/


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