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Here are the things you can do in case of toilet problems in your Dubai flat

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If you live and work in Dubai, you are likely to encounter challenges in your flat from time to time. One of the most common problems for most tenants is toilet blockage or a malfunctioning cistern.

Because the flat you are renting is located in Dubai, it is under Dubai’s tenancy regulations. The job of your property owner, other than collecting rent, of course, is to offer maintenance services and basic amenities to tenants.

This is in fact what Article 17 under Dubai’s tenancy law provides for. It states that unless agreed by property owner and tenant, it is the duty of the proprietor to provide maintenance services. He or she will repair anything that breaks down that may affect a tenant’s use of the rented space.

In addition, Article 17 also states that the property owner cannot alter a rented space if this change will interfere with a tenant’s use of the rented property. The property owner will be held responsible for any such changes whether made in person or by anyone else authorized by the owner. In addition, the property owner will repair any damage, defect, wear or deficiency that may occur in the rented space through no fault of the tenant.

Something else worth noting is that a real estate agent within Dubai has to abide by Law number 85 of 2006, which regulates real estate register or brokers.

Based on this law, the agent is expected to inform a client about all conciliation details, brokerage processes, and any other necessary detail that will help a client make an informed choice.

Further, an agent is obligated to disclose details of transactions and any other condition the agent may have knowledge of. If you move into a home and then realize there are defects the agent did not tell you about, then that agent will have gone against this law.

This gives a tenant the right to file a complaint with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency. A tenant can also seek redress at Dubai’s Land Department. If both bodies rule in the tenant’s favor, the agent will be required to bear consequences as stipulated by Article 39.

Additionally, the agent may be issued with a notice, a suspension, warning, blacklisting or jail terms not exceeding six months. The tenant could also ask the property owner to handle the damages.

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