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Here Are the Eight NHL Teams with the Potential to Regress this Season


The following are the teams in NHL which are likely to regress in this season. This doesn’t mean they are bad, but they appear to have the potential of regressing.

The order starts with teams with a significant potential of regressing to teams with lesser possibilities of regressing.

1. Columbus Blue Jackets

The team lost a lot of players from last year including two best players; Artemi Paranin and Sergei Bobrovsky. Bobrovsky was a big move that hurt most. He was the best goalie in the league, and now they will be replacing him with two unknown goalie.

2. Winnipeg Jets

They started dwindling last year. They were not close to where they wanted to be in the second half of the season. They haven’t changed much of the roster except the departure of Defenseman Jacob Trouba. Patrik Laine is yet to be signed, despite the prospect of him getting more productive this season.

3. New York Islanders

Islanders haven’t addressed their goaltending problem this season. They were also not good at offense, and the offseason is now over.

4. Calgary Flames

Calgary was one of the biggest surprises in the NHL a year ago. They went up in the Western Conference standings. A lot of things happened for them to reach there, Elias Lindholm was incredible, Mark Giordano, 36 years old, was a caliber player. Goaltending Milan Lucic was also perfect. This is a playoff team, although it’s not likely to top in Western Conference this season.

5. Pittsburgh Penguins

Most of Penguins core players have aged, and the offense isn’t what it used to be some years ago. The forwards are still ok, but the trading of Phil Kessel for Alex Galchebyuk and signing Brandon Tanev might not help. They have top defensemen, but with a lot of question behind them.

6. San Jose Sharks

A few years ago, this team won a lot of games and went far with their impressive goaltending abilities. They still have the ability, signing Erik Karlsson was a good move in the offseason, but losing Joe Pavelski for Dallas star could be a significant loss.

7. Tampa Bay Lightning

They had one of the best offseason. They traded J.T. Miller for a salary cap reasons. They found Kevin Shattenkirk and Pat Maroon. Lightning is probably not going to win the 62 games and be a 128-point again. The funny thing is that they don’t even care if they end up winning the Stanley Cup at the end of playoffs.

8. St. Louis Blues

Blues might end up having the best season if Jordan Binnington proves to be a good player. But the frustrating truth is that no team in history has won two consecutive Stanley Cups. This has proven difficult since 1990.

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