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Harvest Gold – An idea that made it big

An idea that made it big
An idea that made it big

The combination of a chemical engineer and an MBA graduate with a team of hardworking professionals built one of the leading bread companies of the current era. Sounds intriguing? Such is the journey of Harvest Gold, a food company based in New Delhi, India. With product varieties including Bread, Bun, Pav, Pizza Base, and Roti, the company has traversed a long journey from an idea to one of the preferred products of the common man.

How did it begin?

Harvest Gold started out as an idea when a husband-wife duo planned to change the then quality of bread and its associated products rather than just discussing it. The company was founded by Adil Hassan, a chemical engineer from IIT Delhi, and Taab Siddiqui, MBA alumni of Aligarh University, in 1993. Observing the facets of the bread industry that could be improved without compromising product quality, they started out with a factory in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan.

Harvest Gold marked its entry in the local market by producing 75,000 bread loaves on daily basis and targeted the premium class with 400 grams and 800 grams of bread priced at Rs 7 and Rs 13 per loaf respectively. In the next five years, the company’s turnover figures crossed Rs 400 million mark.

Leadership and team

Hassan spearheaded the company’s logistical, infrastructural, and production growth. From plastic trays to transparent packaging, his ideas, vision, and corresponding steps were successful in placing the product amidst the then industry leaders.

On the other hand, Siddiqui was in charge of how Harvest Gold could connect with the masses and establish its name as a ‘brand’ in the market. What followed is, to date, cited as one of the case studies for advertising as well as entrepreneurship aspirants. Equus Advertising’s campaign ‘Bakwas Advertising – First Class Bread’ was aligned with Taab’s vision and it ran for approximately 8 years.

With the increasing demands and reliable supply, Harvest Gold set up three more production units across the country. The gradual yet planned expansion of the business brought an adequate mixture of highly experienced and young, motivated professionals on board.

Products and Merger

Harvest gold started out as a dedicated bread manufacturer, but their success graph played a crucial role in pushing the company to go the extra mile and try product experiments. Though Buns and Pavs were derivatives of the original product, Ready Roti was one of the biggest leaps of faith for the company.

The underlying concept of a readymade Indian phulka appealed to the masses and lined up a series of accolades for Harvest Gold. Drawing inspiration from the response, the company forayed into products like pizza base.

Recently, they have introduced a new line of bread that targets the fitness conscious generation of the contemporary world in the form of a gluten-free and multi-grain product.

Talking about mergers, Harvest Gold entered in a joint venture with Grupo Bimbo, world’s biggest baking company, in May 2017. While this helped the formal make its entry in the Indian market, it enabled Harvest Gold to harness the experience of global taste and target audience. It will not be an understatement to say that Bimbo streamlined the local functionality and pre-established framework of Harvest Gold for better output.

All that said, today, Harvest Gold has become more than a bread manufacturer as it symbolizes the hard work and perseverance of the entire team and is quoted as a quintessential example of how ideas can make it big in the ongoing competitive era.

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