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Harry Kane Already Overwhelmed about Spurs Ability to Level Up with Man City and Liverpool


After Tottenham was beaten by New Castle on Super Sunday, everyone is wondering whether they will be able to uphold their title the way they managed last time. In fact, most fans think this is one of the missions impossible for Spurs.

Last season Man City topped with an outstanding 98 points, followed closely by Liverpool with 97 points after beating Spurs in Madrid.
Following what happened on Sunday, Harry Kane couldn’t hide but explain his worries – admitting that it would not be easy to match up to Man City and Liverpool this round.

However, despite his disappointment with their poor start, he says they are determined to fight on – not disputing that more effort would be required in all the upcoming ‘big games.’

Kane added that they are focused on scoring three points in the North London Derby and insists that a win will give them new hopes. Losing or drawing, going into an international break would not be a good thing, according to the English international.

‘Although Spurs is five points behind Liverpool, we are still hopeful that we will make to the Champions League finalist. And such we continue to prepare hard for the coming games,’ Said Harry Kane.

However, unlike Kane, Paul Merson is more cynical on Spurs capacity to recover. In his opinion, the team is already “out of the title race” because five points are way too many points to make up. Merson claims that for Spurs to catch up, they will need five more games.

Well, for now, the only thing that the fans can do is render their moral support by coming out in masses, not forgetting to keep their fingers crossed during the big games, which will be on, this coming Sunday.

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