Green Jade Games Partners with REDNEX to Launch Cotton Eye Joe Slot

Try racking your brain if recall the hit song “Cotton Eye Joe.” The song was produced by Rednex – a Swedish Eurodance group and it was released on their Sex & Violins debut album released in 1995. For this reason, prepare for a real slot style that will twist your tongues. Green Jade Games introduces an exciting offering in conjunction with the renowned music band.
Even though it is based on old-style American folk, the song gained huge popularity in the ‘90s and it got critical reception. This was thanks to its energetic combo of folk bluegrass, and techno rhythm –played traditionally on stringed instruments like acoustic guitars and banjo.

By teaming up with artists, whose presence on the charts has lasted for 15 years after, having sold more than 10 million records to date, Green Jade is rebooting the dancefloor classic “Cotton Eye Joe” as a hillbilly, bull riding, dynamite fishing supercharged fun!

Hooked on K.O. Engine

As a progressive game developer, Green Jade Games, has based its first branded slot game on a powerful and innovative Knock Out engine, which allows players to knock symbols and experience an engaging and captivating play time.

Rednex K.O. is designed to get players moving and tapping their feet as soon as the reels start spinning. Landing big wins depends on lining up at least three or more suitcase symbols, as this combination triggers bonus features such as instant win and the dynamite bonus mode. The more suitcase symbols on the grid, the greater the number of sticks of dynamite (players receive 4, 6 or 8 respectively).

Among the greatest attractions in this game is also the patented Skill Balance Pot (SBP), which rewards players after successfully aligning three or more winning suitcases as they smash one or up to ten symbols! Users are also awarded relevant RNG determined wins in this mode, increasing their chances of winning other funds not claimed by other players.

Chief commercial officer at Green Jade Games, Mark Taffler, took time to comment the studio’s latest arrival:

“Green Jade Games introduces new knock-out offering”

“Cotton Eye Joe is a truly iconic song and provides the best possible soundtrack for Rednex K.O which captures the fun and chaos of the redneck world in a slot that is thrilling and entertaining to play. We’re delighted to launch a branded game so early on in our journey as a content developer and couldn’t have wished for a better partner in the rootin’- tootin’ REDNEX.”

Taffler adds:

“We know our K.O slots are 5x more popular than standard slots and look forward to working with operators to help them leverage the potential of Rednex K.O and the other K.O games in our portfolio.”


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