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Green Choice Carpet Cleaning NYC – A 100% Natural, Absolutely Organic Cleaners

Do you want a 100% natural and absolutely organic carpet cleaner? If it’s a yes in your mind then you have landed here at right place. We are introducing to you Green choice carpet cleaning NYC to fulfill all your wants.

Area rugs are an elegant addition to any home. They contribute to the overall character and complete the furnishings of a well – decorated room. Area rugs basically act just the way air filters work for the home, allergens, trapping dirt, and bacteria. They help by the prevention of those unhealthy or dirt elements from circulating in your environment as well as to other rooms.

But area rugs are only able to do this properly if they are maintained and kept clean. We clean all types of fine rugs with the help of our non- toxic products.

Our Services Include:

You might have children or even pets who love to roll around and play on the carpet and you are worried about the stain, odor and bacteria. Then you need not worry about it anymore.

  • Our product removes all types of stains, odors and removes 98% allergens with non – toxic cleaning providing a cleaner, safer and healthier home environment for your kids and pets.
  • Excessive moisture in your carpets or flooring can promote the growth of mold and bacteria, lessens your homes air quality, lead to cracks in foundations and eat away at structural supports and results in expensive repairs to flooring, carpet, and other possessions.
  • Our product is made to help you out from these problems. It removes the stain, protects the fabric for rugs and repairs it as well. Now this adds up to a healthier and safer carpet cleaning for you, your family as well as your entire home.

Why you should choose Our Product & Services?

We provide same day service and free pickup and delivery in NYC. Green choice carpet cleaning is the local and reliable antique and fine rug cleaning company in NYC (opens 7 days a week). It is a fully licensed insured and trusted name in Rug cleaning since 1896 with skilled technicians over 100 years.

All rugs are handled with utmost care and respect with the chemical-free process and worry-free pricing. Our professional cleaning experts provide a free consultation, a free estimate and extremely good service with CRI Approved and awarded.

Hence our product is a full package of expertise organic carpet cleaning that you wish to have in your home and make your home fresher and healthier.

Get your 20% off free pickup and delivery from your local area rug specialists. Call us now. Chat support is also available.

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