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Google’s Most Exciting Product after the Announcement


This week opened on a high note for Google as the company had few hot products to launch. Moreover, yes, the new releases meet the hype painted in the announcements regarding the quality of the deals. In short, the new bunch of hardware is all-exiting.

In fact, besides the new phones, most people didn’t know that the company had another line up of products that were scheduled that had not been hinted. So we had an upgraded WIFI system, a new version of Nest Mini, a brand new Chromebook, and several other items, not forgetting the amazing wireless earbuds.

If we were to analyze the release list in detail, in their order of supremacy, it is obvious that the new Nest Aware plans and the Recorder app carried the day, according to some tech-followers, but really? Well, one reason is that these two are going to be available to all US carriers with Pixel 4 line, soon.

Additionally, with the attention Google is giving Pixel 4’s technology, talking of its new camera app and the Live Caption function, is making this particular phone a hot cake in the market. Another detail that impresses tech enthusiasts is the fact that the company has of late been focusing on recyclable material in most of their hardware.

However, that’s not the real deal! With all the factors considered, the Pixel Buds appear to be best innovation yet. First, they represent what true earbuds are, talk of the fact that the tech is new, the quality of material used is top-notch and the design looks wow!

Unfortunately, for now, all of us have to wait until the product hits the shelves because it not here yet until next year.

Source Link: https://www.droid-life.com/2019/10/16/what-was-the-most-exciting-product-google-announced-this-week/


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