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Google Pay Could Be Seen In Power Menu With ‘Cards & Passes’


In the last couple of releases of Android, the power menu has become more of a utility with things such as an emergency button. Now, in Android Q Beta 4, you can enable a new section in the Pixel’s gestures menu that hints at Google Pay cards being included in the power menu.

The gesture menu for Pixel devices currently allow users to control the navigation method, toggle Flip to Shhh, and control a number of other hardware and software actions which make their device easier to use. It appears that a later version of Android Q will have a new option for “Cards & Passes.”

With just a long-press of the power button, this new addition will let users quickly see and go through some of the information they have in Google Pay. Apparently, cards will appear as soon as you long-press the power button and you can then swipe through them, probably to change the card used with NFC payments. According to the description, it will also be able to display things like loyalty cards and tickets.

The standard power menu just gets shifted to the bottom of the screen. At present though, the “gesture’s” toggle doesn’t work. It is highly possible Google Pay will also need an update to get it working.

Update 9/3: Today, with the release of Android 10, Google has also announced that this feature will be available soon. The Android 10 website briefly mentions “Quick wallet access” in the power menu powered by Google Pay. It will likely include credit/debit cards and board passes.

It’s still uncertain when we will see the feature but sources say, it will be enabled by a server-side update sometime soon.

Source Link: https://9to5google.com/2019/09/03/android-google-pay-power-menu/

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