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Google New Update for Working Hours Feature


Google is planning to update the Working Hours feature in Google Calendar to make it easier for users to manage their availability during working hours. Google Working Hours received a new update on Tuesday that makes it slightly more usable.

Up to now, users had to manually enable this feature.

Currently, Google Calendar turns this feature on by default, which will let others know about your availability based on earlier meetings and appointments.

By using the Google Calendar Working Hours, users are able to state when they will be available for meetings during the day and other events. it means when a colleague tries to set an appointment that goes beyond those working hours, Calendar will warn the person before setting it up.

Users will be automatically notified if they attempt to create an event in Google Calendar when someone isn’t going to be available at that specific time.

By using this feature, users are able to set up meetings at times that suit everyone. This new update for the Working Hours feature is only available for G Suite users and other users will have it in the coming few weeks.

Currently, Working Hours will show up in a grid view and your working hours will be displayed in the calendar grid when your colleagues are scheduling a meeting which makes it easier for them to set up timings.

Now this feature as mentioned earlier is turned on for all users by default. Users can switch it off in Calendar settings.

Google also mentioned that this new update for Calendar’s Working Hours will make it easier for colleagues to see when it’s the best time to engage in meetings or other events.

This feature by letting others know well in advance about your schedule will help save a lot of time.

Users can adjust or disable the Working Hours feature by going to Google Calendar on the Web and then navigating to Settings > General > Working Hours.

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