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Google Assistant Gets New Voices in 9 Languages


For American users, Google Assistant on Android comes in 11 different voices while the rest of the world only had one. Google has now rolled out a second voice for nine counties; UK, India, Germany, Japan, France, Dutch, Norway, Korea and Italy.

The first Assistant voice to be launched was “Holly” which was followed by a male voice in 2017. Last year Google added 8 more languages on its list. In April this year, John Legend’s cameo voice became the latest addition.

Unlike the earlier versions, the naming of the voice has been switched to color-based naming style for instance, Voice I Red. This shift was Google’s way of refraining from labeling the Assistant voices.

These Additions have been built with the help of DeepMinds WaveNet, a speech synthesis model that creates natural and realistic voices with awesome pitch and pacing. Moreover, Google has ensured the Assistant can understand the different accents, geographic markers, cultural references and the countries talk of its users.

To get the Assistant on your Google App, navigate to the bottom bar, select more and move on to settings. From settings, choose Google Assistant then head to the Assistant tab and pick the Assistant voice.

If you live in the nine countries that have gotten the additional voice, you should probably go and check it out because well…it is cool. As for those with only one Assistant voice, don’t fret, your time is coming too. Until then, be on the lookout for other updates.

Source Link: https://9to5google.com/2019/09/18/new-google-assistant-voice/


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