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Gmail’s Android Dark Theme in the Process of Rolling Out


Last week was Android 10’s launch and as such, users have been waiting for Google apps to have darker themes. In precise, this followed a brief tease on android.com citing that Gmail has started to roll out the darker theme through a server-side update.

Now subsequent rumors say we should be expecting the updated version to be accessible on most devices anytime. While some users have already experienced the dark mode on their Gmail some are not as lucky. To try out if you are among those with the updated theme, head straight for the Gmail settings.

Once you hit the settings, you should see the “Theme” option. There are three options to choose from; light, dark and system default.

Tapping on the dark option adjusts your Gmail into a faded black or dark theme as opposed to a pitch-black theme as we thought.

To note what option you are picking, a red accent color points at the option you are looking at. The search bar and other elements have a lighter shade to enable visual distinction. For labels avatars and other colors, less brightness has been used to provide visual distinction.

The new dark mode is not only an aesthetic upgrade but a functional one as well. Users will be able to read easily without straining especially if the light mode had been an issue for them. Another great aspect about the upgrade is the ability for the upgrade to occur at once on all your Gmail counts. How cool is that?

If the Gmail update has not been availed to your device just hold on and wait your turn. Otherwise, the upgrade is quite awesome. As obvious, all of us like to see changes once in a while, that is given, right?

Source Link: https://www.droid-life.com/2019/09/10/gmails-dark-theme-starts-to-rollout/

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