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Ghafarado’s Founder Omar Al Mohammed on Supporting Bahrain’s Vision to Become an Innovation Hub

Omar Al Mohammed

Along the journey, the varied experiences and globetrotting of this innovator-cum-entrepreneur is helping shape the way the tech industry is evolving. Omar Al Mohammed is the founder of the Middle East’s first voice-controlled smart home, Ghafarado – The Pad.

Omar began his career in London as a dancer at one of the leading clubs, The Dome. He went on to become a regular performer and scored numerous performances by his name. He was later approached by the then upcoming Divine Modeling Agency in London. He steered towards success by accepting the offer that demanded a series of modeling assignments. At the time of his modeling career, he also had the chance of working with global brands such as Tropicana, Versace, Lexus, and recently many regional brands among the rest. It wasn’t long before he wanted to have a leg up in a different industry.

Shuttling between Bahrain and London is something that Omar has done a lot over his career span. Besides being an entrepreneur, Omar tried his hands and successfully flourished as nutrition and skin care advisor, model, dance choreographer, personal coach, and now an innovator. He has also been a part of Gulf Air as its cabin crew member, and held a number of sales and marketing vocational training roles, including Burger King, Sainsbury’s, BHS, and Selfridges.

Omar Al Mohammed

Born and raised in Bahrain, Omar envisioned dedicating more of his time to philanthropic efforts in Bahrain. The son of an employee at the Ministry of Interior, he began exploring the functionality of his toys at a very early age. The smart home’s core idea itself came while he was working at a semi-government organization where he continues to work to-date. One fine day, while directing himself through GPS, he came across a voice activation option which stirred the idea of developing a voice-controlled smart home. It was then that he realized that an internet connection and simple voice commands can get many things done.

The location, though, wouldn’t be his residence. As he embarked on the journey, Omar decided to buy an apartment in the prestigious location of New Juffair, Manama. With Bahrain as his base, Omar is exploring options to collaborate with the local car dealers and cell phone network operators to integrate the control of his in-house voice-controlled devices with a vehicle.

While his stint in London helped him understand a larger picture and gain experiences, it was through his smart home project in Bahrain when the rubber hit the road. His entrepreneurial journey has tickled his brains, given him confidence, and showed him opportunities to handle skills and scales. He says, “Smart home projects can be transformative here, and I aimed to lay a foundation by launching Ghafarado which will help governments and organizations understand its potential to facilitate investments.”

As destiny would have it, today, Omar’s smart home project has hit the headlines of several publications, bringing Bahrain to the spotlight as a potential innovation hub. He adds, “Bahrain is in the center of Gulf and we take pride on being titled as the country with one of the easiest and quickest airport transfers in the world. Besides, Bahrain was the first to discover oil in the region and also the first to host Formula One races. My aim now is to bring another title home – the innovation hub of the world!”

Omar’s enthusiasm and dedication makes him the right person to helm the transition of Bahrain from a country in the Gulf to the world leader of smart homes in the near future.

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