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Get your Facetite in New York City

Get your Facetite in New York City.
Get your Facetite in New York City.

Literary hundreds of people are looking to lift their face all over the world. And although there are doctors who are very good at their job of face lifting but there are some who are not doing anything remarkable and scamming people’s money in the name of a facelift. A new technique called FaceTite is introduced to tighten the skin on the face which can be done with just a few changes in the traditional face lifting surgery. ThisFaceTite technique is less invasive and more preciseas a comparison to the general face lifting thing. Previously the doctors and these surgical techniques were only limited to the Cities like Los Angeles but with the globalization trend, you can get your FaceTite done in New York City.The new minimally invasive alternative to traditional facelift surgery is becoming a popular trend among men and women. It is because that this treatment helps improve skin laxity while at the same time iteliminates the excess fat or dead skin cells.The FaceTite technique works on your face to restore precisely the youthful contours of your face with the help of RadioFrequency technology.

To make up your mind about FaceTite treatment in New York City, here we have got some of the benefits of it. Have a look:

  1. Minimally invasive:Although all cosmetic surgeries need a little bit of cutting surgery techniques but FaceTite technique limit the need for surgery through scalpels and therefore, you don’t lose much of your blood.
  2. No post-treatment stitches or scars: We know that every cosmetic surgery is about removing scars that you probably get from accidents but FaceTite technique doesn’t involve post-treatment scars or any stitches which is a definite relief for sure.
  3. Use of modern Technology:The FaceTite technique can be done through the modern technical equipment which ensures a safe and temperature-controlled procedure which has very less chances of going in the wrong direction.
  4. Real-time results: There are facelift surgeries and other cosmetic methods which reveal their final effects after 1 month or longer, but you can get real-time results in just a few days through Facetite technique.
  5. Improves skin contours: The FaceTite technique is not only for skin tightening, but it also improves the contours and freshens the skin.it even improves the skin tone and removes wrinkles.
  6. Precision: When your face is involved in any procedure, precision is very important and giving that face could have small areas where treatment is necessary. So,FaceTite can be applied to the small areas of your face.

Where exactlyFaceTite can be done?

Contrary to popular belief, the FaceTite procedure can be used in any areaabove the shoulders which also include the neck considering that your facial skin falls on the neck making it wrinkles a little. Apart from the neck, your jawline, mouth, cheeks, nose, brows, eyes and forehead can be treated.

How Does FaceTite Work?

The FaceTite technique utilizes the Radiofrequency-assisted liposuction approachwhich helps to control the thermal heating.  The heating melts the dead tissue on your facial skin along with the other fatty area which gives you a contoured look with fresh and youthful tissues.Also, when it sucks the fat, your skin gets tighten and come back where it is supposed to. The extracted fatty acid will come out eventually through a suction tube.

What Can I Expect from FaceTite?

Many people have a question about what a person should expect from FaceTite. Well, let’s break it down that prior to all treatments, the clients can have a free consultation by scheduling their appointment at our office. In these consultation sessions, we tend to know the patient’s history, determine the course of action and have the idea of what the results could be. If you have any concerns, then this is the best opportunity where you should know about what will happen and how it will look on your face.Are there any side effects, will you take general anesthesia, any pain indications etc.

Normally, the experts will use local anesthesia to numb the pain or discomfort you might feel. The whole procedure can be done between 60-90 minutes depending on the complexities and the skin type.

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