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Get to know about Steve Holbrook- An inspiration for many

Steve Holbrook

Life has a unique plan for everyone. Particularly for those who are born to be leaders, life surely has the most bespoke design. Remember Stephen Hawking? His physical limitations could not stop his indomitable spirit to rise above everything and emerge to be a legend in science. Just like him, there are so many celebrities, sports personnel, business leaders and many other known faces who we just know for their success, yet they all have a story that make us think that how could they achieve this level of success despite such challenges in their lives. And that is when we realize the strength of will power. One such story that is really showing light to many people who are in despair is that of Steve Holbrook.

Who is Steve Holbrook? Well he is a Canada born entrepreneur, motivational speaker, business trainer and a blogger. The very core of his sessions focuses on mindset and mental toughness leadership training. He also teaches business owners and their staff to attract, train and build leaders. Holbrook was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease when he was just two years old. And from then on till the age of 28 he has been fighting with death times and again. Today, he has half of his bowel removed and yet he has achieved whatever he had dreamt of, married the love of his life and is a proud father of three beautiful kids. A man so much full of life and loving towards his family and staff, despite how much ever his ailment pulled him down – is indeed an incredible example that is inspiring many people from across the world.

Steve Holbrook

When you hear he started his first life insurance agency at the age of 23 and grew it to over 250 individuals across Canada and USA over the last 14 years, you may ask, “Hey wait. Wasn’t he struggling for breath at the hospitals in some of those years? Well yes, there were some those days. But on the other days, he was spearheading a team, training them to remain loyal, take ownership and drive growth and taking vital decisions to grow his business. He was clear – he had to make a mark. At the darkest hour of his life, he was thanking for the every breathe he could take and resolved to give back every bit of it if he could get back to life. And he indeed kept his promise. Now when he addresses crowd in his public speaking sessions, he says, “I am going to tell you my story. I had an ailment as a challenge. May be you have some other challenge. I want to all to learn from my story and deal with challenges in your lives and come out as a winner.”

Conclusion 1

Today Steve Holbrook has been featured in the book named ‘The Truth About World Financial Group: Unauthorized.’ He is fast emerging to be one of the most influential speakers and business coach of the present time who is touching thousands of lives through optimism and zest for life.

Conclusion 2

When life hits the rock bottom, the only way to go is up. Steve Holbrook has proved it through his life. Over the period during his struggles on his hospital bed, he developed a nerve of steel and that is the skill that he tries to pass on to people who come to him for training. He celebrates every moment of his life and teaches people to do the same for themselves in their lives.

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