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Genus Technology Found to be in Breach of Three American Patents


Genus has confirmed that last Tuesday, an American court ruled that their sexing semen technology went against patents declared by LLC, Cytonome/ST and Inguran.

This verdict was arrived at by a Jury at the U.S district court in Wisconsin, which confirms the fact that the company ABS Global, which markets this technology through IntelliGen, will be required to incur $1.25 for each sexed semen that is produced within the U.S due to this infringement.

The Jury is currently considering the repercussions associated with the infringement of the remaining two patents, which will be applied retrospective since ABS modified this technology to stop the infringement.

This long-running clash goes as far back as 2014. Five years ago, the court concluded Cytonome and Inguran had purposely maintained illegal monopolies within the U.S. the monopolies involved processing of sexed semen. However, the court also concluded that ABS infringed patent 8,206,987.

Subsequent litigation came in 2017 and it claimed ABS and IntelliGen had infringed upon seven other patents and asserted closely guarded secrets as well as breach of contract. Then, ABS demonstrated or invalidated non-infringement with regards to five of the said patents. They also dismissed claims relating to breach of contract and trade secrets.

According to ABS’s parent company, they plan to continue with expansion and commercialization of IntelliGen’s technology to offer customers better alternatives, increased market competition, and high-quality fertility services.

Source Link: https://www.sharecast.com/news/news-and-announcements/genus-technology-ruled-to-be-in-breach-of-3-us-patents–7006556.html

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