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General Motors Find Google Android OS a Robust Foundation for Its Infotainment System in Future Cars


The celebrated American motor car manufacturer General Motors, or GM to sum it famously, has appraised the Google Android OS as a worthy module to base the infotainment system for its flagship vehicles to be launched in 2022. Therefore, in a recent major development for the American tech giant Google, General Motors has announced that it will underpin the Google Android OS for its exclusive infotainment system software destined for trademark GM cars in 2022. These vehicles will be Cadillac, Chevy, GMC, and Buick motor cars by General Motors.

What this means is that the owners of these GM models in 2022 will be able to use official Google services and apps without the need for their Android phones. For example, core Google services like Google Maps and Google Assistant can be used to find locations, make calls, turn on the radio and or use any of the web services while you drive your vehicle will become easier. There’s gain for both the companies in this content partnership: Google will get more consumers for its services because GM vehicles make up almost 17% of total car sales in the USA. However, for the GM, while giving direct access to Google services via car’s dashboard will give their vehicles and upper edge against all other competitors.

It is a new era for the automobile industry where more and more cars are now becoming digitally connected to one or the other IT firm. In recent times, all the big names from the Silicon Valley – Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft – have moved into the “digital car” arena by providing connectivity to various automakers. Among those companies that are providing digital software for vehicles, Microsoft and Amazon are currently leading the stage, while other big names are just getting into the show.

Source Link: https://www.wired.com/story/gms-search-car-tech-lands-google/


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