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Futuristic Home Gives the Disabled Independence

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A futuristic home is now making it possible for persons with special needs to select those devices that will offer them independence.

Perrysburg’s county disability board has bought a model two-story home along twin lakes road and has invited interest members of the public to come in and try out what it has to offer.

The goal here is to create awareness of the need for supportive yet smart technology in the home of the disabled. However, Joanne Hayward, director of support relations at the country health board states that this project is on a trial basis. Most people are touchy about technology, so it is best to introduce this idea gently.

Utilizing technology is the best way to help shift independence a notch higher and allow persons with disability to manage their own affairs. Introducing technology to the home does not require too many things and helps to give people privacy, especially when they are craving some alone time.

However, for most people, supportive technology is a complex subject. The organizers of this technology had to look for ways to make the technology tangible so that people could test it. at least 80 persons attended the launch, most of whom were health providers from neighboring counties.

Consumers were allowed to stay the night to get a full picture of what the technology has to offer. Family members were also permitted to stay and provide company.

The house was fitted with a two-way com that lets offsite care providers to keep an eye and come to the aid of a person with a disability.

The door at the front is fitted with ring devices with monitors that allow someone in the house to see who is at the door and let visitors in. The person in the house can also monitor the door via smartphone and let visitors in, or the caregiver can answer the door.

The living room is managed by amazon’s echo spot. It controls ceiling fans and lights. There is a pressure sensor fitted to the bed that monitors when the bed is in use. It is programmed to vibrate and alert a person with hearing difficulty to a hazard such as a fire.

The kitchen is fitted with a smart wall outlet that supports almost all devices that have an on-off function. There are lift wares as well, which is a spoon that remains level at all times even when your arm moves. This smart kitchen also features a can opener that you can operate with one hand.

The rooms are fitted with sensors that monitor movement. If no movement is registered in the house in areas where there should be some motion, the information is relayed to home support. There is also a back and forth video that allows communication between a caregiver and a person with disability.

This new technology will allow people some independence and address other issues like shortage of home caregivers. Once individuals have interacted with this revolutionary technology, a meeting will be held with the board to arrange for those applications that meet people’s needs. These will be installed in their homes. In addition, those who chose to install this technology should not worry about the cost since Medicaid will pay for them.

Source Link: https://www.sent-trib.com/news/home-of-the-future-gives-independence-to-disabled/article_ba80c97e-c693-11e9-af1d-3f1bd8ba98bb.html


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