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From No-Name To Big Name In Just One Season-Jordan Binnington Assisted the Blues Win the Stanley Cup


St. Louis Blues goalie Jordan Binnington is no longer flying under the ladder. During the summer training, he was invisible. He seems to have emerged from nowhere in his rookie season after Blues won the Stanley Cup.

Bannington was St. Louis third-round 88 overall pick from 2011 draft. Last season he played as No.4 in the depth. His game was still unknown until the end of last season. He got his slot with St. Blues and they won the Cup.

He started from 24-5-1 with a .927 SV percentage and a 1.89 goalie–against average. Blues were the last team expected to make it to playoffs.

Binnington supported Blues to get through the four season rounds. They were able to get past Winnipeg, Dallas and San Jose in Western Conference. In the Finals, St. Louis eliminated Boston Bruins and won the Cup. It was unimaginable that a team that would have been pronounced dead back in December to win the Cup.

The 26 years old goalie attracted attention only reserved for the likes of Connor McDavid and Tyler Seguin. He changed all at once from the no-name goalie to become a big name.

Bannington said that Seguin was the first person to believe in the hockey world. His view was different from the rest of the players. Then in that summer, they had a different vibe.

Binnington spent seven years of his time toiling in the minors with the hopes that he will be called into the NHL. In 2014, he was called up as an emergency goaltender. In 2018, he was upgraded to starting goaltender. His play helped the team win the Stanley Cup. He also became the first NHL rookie goaltender to earn a maximum of 16 wins in a single season. The Blues signed him to a two years contract worth $8.8 million.

Binnington played IIHF World U20 Championship back in 2013 together with Malcolm Subban. Malcolm praised him, saying that he has been one of the best goalie in every league that he plays.

Source Link: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nhl/blues-goalie-jordan-binnington-no-longer-flies-under-radar/ar-AAGwkZz


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