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Foxcatcher Movie Review

Foxcatcher tells the story of Olympic Wrestler Mark Schultz who sees a way out of the shadows of his brother Dave and a life of poverty when John du Pont asks him to move into his estate and train for the 1988 Olympics. Foxcatcher is an American story of fragile men who pin their hopes for love and redemption on an obsession for greatness which ends in tragedy.

During the movie, we question whether Du Pont empathises with Mark who is deeply appreciative for his chance or whether he finds Mark easy to push around and an easy bait to get Dave on the payroll.

Steve Carell does a good job playing Du Pont. He is a brat who gives to spouting business speak clichés about the importance of leadership. The relationship between the two brothers is fraught. Dave is protective about his defensive brother who treats him with love but also resentment. The two boys need a father figure to provide them with guidance and love and they get Du Pont.

Foxcather is a antithesis of a Hollywood Sports movie in which David always ends up beating Goliath. There is nothing of that sort in this movie. During an early scene of the movie, Mark is furious for having been beaten by Dane and butts him in the face. Dave wipes away the blood and ends up carrying on.

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