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Former Miss Finland: Women Are Less Interested in Bitcoin Due to Its Risks


On September 5, Miss Universe Finland 2015 winner, Rosa-Maria Ryyti, argued in a discussion on Twitter that the risk factor involved in investing on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies makes it more appealing for men than for women.

That statement was in response to a query by Cointelegraph’s analyst and contributor Filb Filb, who asked his followers on Twitter why the Bitcoin community is mostly male.

Ryyti said that “women are generally more risk aware, and prefer a slow and steady investment strategy.” Also, she added: “The current general perception of Bitcoin makes it unlikely that average women (and men) get involved.”

It should be noted that Ryyti is one of the cryptocurrency best-known female defenders. In fact, he rose to prominence earlier this year by participating in the Bitcoin Lightning Torch transactions relay.

Are Cryptocurrencies Changing The Gender Balance?

According to recent data, about 90% of Bitcoin users are men. This has been subject of discussions with dedicated structures to increase female participation in the cryptocurrency trade.

Also, Cointelegraph reported in June that only 5% of Github commits related to cryptocurrency code came from women. However, a report issued in July suggested that 20% of those who own cryptocurrencies in Europe are women.

Source Link: https://cointelegraph.com/news/miss-finland-bitcoins-risk-keeps-most-women-away-from-cryptocurrency

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