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Forbes is launching a new Crypto website


A new cryptocurrency data website has just been launched by the famous Forbes magazine. The magazine focuses on listing billionaires and helping us understand more about them, their journey and their net worth, so it is quite weird to see them start their own blockchain venture. Basically, the webpage is tailored to crypto enthusiasts who require an additional news source in order to have a better understanding of the market. However, it was quite new to see a completely new domain as the Forbes Blockchain and Crypto page is still up and running on their main website.

For example, a crypto trader could be disheartened by some freelance websites that feature information, or would just feel overwhelmed by checking the social media accounts of the numerous cryptocurrency company CEOs. Therefore Forbes has come up with this idea to deliver fast and efficient information and insights on the market, coin prices, different kinds of platforms and of course blockchain projects themselves. Aiming to revolutionize the way information is passed down in the market.

Why Forbes is undertaking this venture

Forbes understands that the cryptocurrency is international, however, there are still some language barriers that it needs to overcome to be globally accessible. It has already launched the website called Forbes CryptoMarkets, which is currently available in English. However, future plans include translating it into several other languages like Russian, Korean, French, Vietnamese, Japanese and Chinese. The clear winner of these languages is Asian languages, which is no surprise given the fact that a large amount of crypto trading is taking place exactly there.

Just like coinmarketcap the magazine is aiming to have as many cryptocurrencies featured as possible. Many traders and potential traders may see this as an amazing opportunity to have additional information about coin prices. What’s best is that this information will be mixed with predictions and insights from experts, meaning that the readers will not have to shift through different websites to get relevant information piece by piece.

One of the main partners of the whole venture is Trade.io, which according to insidetrade.co actually had some problems not too long ago when its database server was hacked and several million dollars worth of coins were stolen. Forbes has already said that the partnership was multi-organizational because it needed some experts of the field to spearhead the project, experts like the investment firm NewCity Capital and the above-mentioned Trade.io.

Partners speak out

NewCity Capital’s chairman Chien Lee has also announced details about the new project. In his words, the companies will be assisting the media powerhouse in publishing insights and information on top crypto exchanges. This will be done by hiring or even lending some of their top professionals who have done the research. The prices, volumes and trading instruments of the listed coins will also be featured on the website. The companies hope to make Forbes CryptoMarket the go-to website for everyone remotely interested in Blockchain. A new flagship platform may be on its way.

Trade.io is not in a good shape after the hack. Their customer relations and PR have suffered greatly, with all the skepticism floating around them. It is unfortunate to see such websites become victims of digital predators, but with the help of this partnership with Forbes, their reputation is surely going to improve.

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