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Fly For $799 With Parrot Anafi FPV Drone Pack


The Parrot Anafi drone with 4K camera is nimble and fun. In less than a minute, it is ready to fly and you can simply toss it in the air to take off. It’s quick, quiet, and has lots of camera controls and automatic modes to make you happy. Thanks to Parrot’s first-person view Cockpitglasses with the Anafi FPV pack, you can now have a better view of what is being captured by the camera.

Though Parrot has said that it’s walking out of the toy drone market, it is fully devoted to making the Anafi a platform for professionals and consumers. The Anafi, released just over a year ago, is continuously being improved with firmware updates which have enabled new features. Earlier this year, Parrot even updated it with a thermal Flir camera for professional use, intending to help in search-and-rescue work, public works and security. The Anafi FPV All-in-One pack coming this month for $799, is aimed to focus on consumers and pros.

The drone itself and the chunky compact controller stays the same as the original. It’s a good mix of design and features for the price and video quality is better than when it was first released. The Anafi FPV pack includes collapsible Cockpitglasses, a VR headset which works with an iPhone or Android phone with up to a 6.5-inch display attached to the controller by USB. You also get a backpack to hold it all.

You will see an option to change to FPV mode in the updated FreeFlight 6.6 app. Once in it, the display changes into a stereoscopic view and you just pop your phone in the front of the glasses. By pressing a button on top of the headset, you will get a full menu of camera and drone controls which can be navigated easily with the controller’s sticks.

On the bottom of the headset is another button which activates the rear camera on your phone, allowing you to see through the “glasses” without taking them off. This becomes essential if you are flying without a spotter as the drone doesn’t have any type of obstacle avoidance system.

The video you will see on your phone is 720-pixel resolution, so will seem fairly soft compared to what you are really recording. But it’s surely good enough to fly and see around. The transmission range is 2.4 miles (4 kilometers) but it may vary depending on the area.

Overall, it’s a compact, quick and easy way to add FPV to the Anafi for a captivating experience from its camera.

The updated app also includes two new camera presets and a different way to control the drone. The camera’s horizontal axis is locked to the tilt of the drone with a Cinematic preset, so your video will bank and turn with the drone. The horizontal axis is locked in the same way with a Racing preset, but increases the drone’s speed so that your video has a more aggressive look.

The Anafi FPV’s new Arcade mode helps you to pilot the drone by pointing the camera in the direction you like to fly. These controls might be preferred by first-time pilots but not so much by old-timers. Parrot says the combination of Arcade mode with the Cinematic preset can offer a true bird’s-eye-view experience. Switching to a minimal interface view by activating the top button on the Cockpitglasses headset, can make this even more immersive.

You might not get the transmission performance or display quality of an individual headset from the Parrot Anafi FPV pack, however, the portability of this solution together with the feature set and photo and video quality mount up to a great combination for the price.

Source Link: https://www.cnet.com/news/parrot-anafi-fpv-drone-pack-lets-you-feel-like-your-flying-for-799/

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