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Flirtey Launches Revolutionary Drone Delivery System


Flirtey has launched Eagle advanced drone delivery system that is meant to deliver packages to consumers safely within a very short time.

The company, which pioneered commercial drone delivery, stated that they are happy to launch this new delivery technology. They expect the system will become an industry-standard in the near future.

The technology has capabilities not available elsewhere that would allow a first mover to control a segment of the market. The latest technology from Flirtey offers lifesaving as well as commercial drone package delivery to customers around America.

The drone precisely and safely delivers contents to customer via a tether while the drone holds position mid-air. Once the customer’s package is received, the tether is retracted. The drones are controlled via an autonomous platform. The drones have FAA approval to carry out multi drone deliveries within the U.S. A single pilot can manage 10 drones.

In addition, Flirtey has rolled out Flirtey’s Portal. This is a complex landing and take-off platform that fits a single parking space. This makes the company easily scalable to incorporate partners who need store-to-door deliveries.

The company is hoping to begin deliveries to American homes towards the end of this year. This technology is revolutionary and is a sign that greater things are on the way.

Source Link: https://www.parcelandpostaltechnologyinternational.com/news/delivery/flirtey-unveils-advanced-drone-delivery-technology.html

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