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Find Best Hotels via Reservations.com for your Child with Special Needs & make your Vacation memorable forever

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Whether you’re making a quick weekend trip or taking the vacation of a lifetime, it needs a little effort to find a hotel that will be comfortable for you and everyone in your family. If you’re the parent of a special needing child, you have even more considerations to make, but no worries! There are some of the perfect hotel accommodations for every member of your family, Reservations.com helps you to book the best hotels and makes your vacation memorable forever.

find best hotels

Amenities to be taken care of:

  • It is better to find hotels in an area where you can walk if your child has a hearing impairment. There should be less vehicle traffic, near the hotel so that it reduces the risk of your child walking the grounds that are unaware of approaching cars.
  • You should look for accessibility features, including elevators and ramps to accommodate mobility impairments.
  • You should look for a room that comes with a mini fridge, stovetop or microwave so you can cook safe meals in your own room if food allergies are a concern.
  • You should look for the rooms that have multiple methods for locking the door, including a chained lock and deadbolt.
  • As lighting is necessary, you should look for hotels with a surplus amount of lighting both inside and outside that will help your child stay visible, even at night.
  • You should look for Security cameras in the hotels that can help you and hotel staffs easily locate your child in an instant if they make their way out of your room.
  • If you are going to stay in a hotel with a pool then, first of all, verify that it can only be accessed with a key and that the pool area should be entry restricted after hours. Most importantly, there should also always be a lifeguard on duty.
  • Great service enriches any hotel stay, but it can be a true lifesaver when you’re traveling with a special needs child. In addition to the accommodations and features above, be sure to narrow down your hotel search based on their customer service reviews.

A hotel with a fabulous staff can:

  • Move you to a room with fewer neighboring guests if outside noise that might overwhelm your little child.
  • Put you in touch with emergency medical services as soon as possible if your child is prone to serious or any other medical emergency.
  • Who keeps an eye out for a child who is prone to wandering and offer ideas for kid-friendly activities.

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