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Fighting With My Family Movie Review


Fighting with my family is a brilliant Sports movie and definitely a must watch for WWE fans. The movie tells the story about how WWE superstar Paige rose from being in a wrestling mad family from England into one of the top female wrestlers on the WWE circuit.

Saraya Knight and her brother Zak came from a Wrestling obsessed family with both of their parents also being professional Wrestlers. The family also runs their own indie Wrestling league in their working-class English town.

Saraya’s ascension to the WWE was not an easy ride and started out on a painful note. Both her and her brother spent years and years dreaming about and working hard to get selected to be part of the WWE. Unfortunately, she progressed beyond the try-outs to be part of NXT whereas her brother Zak was not selected.

After that, Paige initially does not want to go to the WWE unless her brother is given an opportunity. Zak however convinces his sister that she must take the opportunity as it will never come again and she eventually does.

Many critics of the WWE and Sports entertainment in general believe that the Sport is “fixed” and “fake”. Fighting with my Family tells the story of the harships and hard work that one has to go through to just make it into the WWE, let alone rise to the top as the likes of Paige, John Cena and Dwayne Johnson did.

The movie ends with Paige making her WWE debut in a match against AJ which was for the WWE Diva’s title. Despite being the underdog in the match and AJ being Champion for over 200 days at the time, Paige showed tremendous tenacity to eventually upset the odds and win the Diva’s Championship during her debut on the WWE main roster.

The movie also features a cameo appearance by The Rock and features footage of him Wrestling.

The movie appears to have scored well in critical circles.

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