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Fans Troll Loris Karius for Europa League Blunder


German keeper Loris Karius has been on loan in Turkey’s Besiktas after Liverpool Boss offloaded him in 2018. Besiktas opened Europa League away against Slovan Bratislava where they lost to the Slovanian side.

Bratislava shot-stopper Dominick Grief had made a long kick across the field and Karius not leaving anything to chance came charging.

He moved out of the penalty area and when the ball bounced off between Andraz Sporar and a defender, he underestimated the forward’s potential thus he didn’t move back to his post.

Karius’ misjudgment was so obvious that Sporar’s header met an empty net making an easy score for Bratislava. The 14th-minute goal was followed by another goal in the first half which kept them in the lead. The game finally ended 4-2 with Besiktas at the losing end.

Loris’ Europa League howler stirred reactions from the Liverpool fans who took to twitter. Most of the fans were angry at the German for his ‘yet another blunder’ after the 2018 Champion League where he cost the Reds their championship.

Back then, Karius had dropped Bale’s shot into his own post thus crowning Real Madrid the champions.

The Reds’ fans had varying remarks, some saying they were not surprised, others crowning him as the “worst goalkeeper” while others felt sorry for his career.

In his defense, some fans also placed blame on the defenders who left all the work to Loris. One fan also quipped that there should be good communication within the team members. So…what’s your take?

Source Link: https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/liverpool-fans-send-message-loris-20105792


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