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Fairphone develop a Sustainable Smartphone aimed at Addressing eco and ethical Impacts of Technology


When buying a smartphone, the decision criteria vary from one person to another. Some people consider brand while others look at how a brand affects the environment. In some cases, a phone’s aesthetics also play a big role in the choice that a buyer makes. If environmental impact is important to you, then you need to have a look at Fairphone’s latest phone.

Fairphone is one of the leading manufacturers of smartphones and their latest model expresses their commitment to fairness. The phone was made using recycled and fairly sourced materials. The company has also done its best to improve working conditions and other relevant programs to ensure there is as little waste as possible.

Fairphone strives to achieve longevity where their phones are concerned by ensuring they adopt a modular approach. Their phones are upgradable and are designed to last a long time. What’s more, they work hard to research and incorporate feature consumers really need in their smartphones. So, consumers will not be forced to resign themselves to using feature they do not need.

The phone features a USB-C type as well as a 3.5 mm headphone jack for the benefit of people who do not prefer wireless features. In fact, other manufacturers are following suit with action to cut down on electronic waste by providing a simpler solution that includes a buyback program that allows users to get be paid for trading in older models.

However, waste is not only generated by old phones, but also by new ones to meet increasing consumer demand. As a result, Fairphone is hoping to change manufacture of smartphones, sourcing, and upgrading because these are the steps that are responsible for all the pollution were are experiencing.

The new units will begin shipping this September. In addition, users can trade in older phones for recycling and receive some cash on any environmentally conscious buy. This is an enticing opportunity, but cutting down on the cost sweetens everything.

Source Link: https://www.mic.com/p/fairphones-sustainable-smartphone-aims-to-address-eco-ethical-impacts-of-technology-18708918

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