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Facebook’s Stand on Posts by Politicians Might Spread Falsehood


It’s hardly two months since Facebook, Google and BCC announcement their collaboration to fight fake news. According to sources, the talks are ongoing on how to make the battle successful owing to the fact that the US general elections are around the corner.

However, looking at what Facebook gave recently as their stand on handling posts by politicians, it seems like competing candidates can still manipulate the public using malice and falsehood.

The company has come out pretty clear that their standby content reviews will not be tasked with removing every post by politicians, even if they trespass their rules on what is news newsworthy.

To ensure guidelines are followed on the platform, Facebook outsources independent third-party fact-checkers to judge and decide on the veracity of the content. Now, the reason certain posts from politicians will be bypassing the scrutiny scot-free is that most claims from competing leaders contain claims that are not immediately verifiable. While this stand seems logical it’s obvious that it is likely to jeopardize the efforts to fight fake news.

Mr. Clegg, the former British prime ministers was at one time quoted, saying” some self-appointed companies think they can stop us from giving our opinion and saying nasty things during political campaigns. What they have not thought of is the reserve, it’s this claims that help voters to get certain facts.

Besides, the critics, Facebook’s approach, to remove its hands-off from being the self-appointed referee between fighting politicians is allegedly is based on the fact that open democracies give voters the full right to decide and judge what they want to believe themselves from politicians.

Source Link: https://newsroom.fb.com/news/2019/09/elections-and-political-speech/


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