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Facebook Rolls Out a New Portal Device


Mark Zuckerberg and his team are soon launching a new portal device going by the codename Ripley. This will mark their first step into the popular video streaming market that is largely dominated by companies like Apple, Amazon and Roku. Quite a tough competition there!

Facebook’s current chain of portal devices is majorly conferencing screens that have Alexa inbuilt. For the tech giant to have a chance in this overly competitive market, it will have to root for users to switch of their Apple TV or Fire TV which is purely wishful thinking.

The new portal device is said to have a camera as well as integrated far-field earphones that could watch and listen to you as you watch. Creepy, right? Whoever wants to be watched in their own home?

The device could be a tech breakthrough, but to think that Facebook is the creator would be such a turnoff to users who care about their privacy. It is just the other day when Facebook was charged for harvesting its users’ information without consent. With this new portal, we may even think that Zuckerberg and his men are on to something once again.

While giants like Apple have more than a decade old presence in the video streaming market, and with a clean record to go with it, Facebook will definitely find it rough in the field. Unless Zuckerberg’s release offers better services, we may guess that the company will be in for a rude shock.

So much for that, the portal will be out in time for the holidays. Be on the watch out!

Source Link: https://www.fastcompany.com/90404450/facebook-is-launching-a-streaming-device-that-watches-you-while-you-watch-tv


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