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England And Australia Openers Find It Hard to Fight In the Test Ashes Cricket Than In ODI Cricket


As Australia and England draw for the third Ashes Test, there is a growing tension mostly due to the opening batsmen inability to deliver adequate runs. Rory Burns is an exception from the Australian side.

David Warner has accumulated 18 runs from 50 deliveries at an average of 4.50 per innings while at the crease. Cameron Bancroft has played around the front pad, and he has mastered 44 runs at 11 innings.

On England side is also struggling. Jason Roy has 40 runs at an average of 10 innings. At the bottom is Jos Buttler with 49 runs in 12.25 innings. At Lord’s, Buttler looked more secure. He has a mind-blowing strike rate of 29.51. Buttler record has continued to impress in the recent past. He has a total of 1,771 runs in 33 Tests at 34.05.

However, this has been different from Roy due to technical reasons. Roy’s role is to attack, to exploits gaps in the field that suite him, and any mistakes while playing will cost him dearly. In the ODI cricket, the best place to bat is at the start of innings, but this rarely applies to Test cricket.

Another difference between Test and ODI cricket is that a Test match takes soo long. The agony associated with first inning failure is also high. There is also a lot of scrutiny from sages in their boxes. For that case, white-ball cricket is less attractive.

Test Ashes is most draining, especially to newcomers. One bat for a short period then spends hours standing at second slip. So one spend a lot of time waiting to atone in Test cricket.

Roy will break now the concussion test. Thus he has a chance of breaking the barrier after which Test cricket will become more comfortable.
England seems to disagree with the order of batting. Trevor Bayliss and Joe Root seem to disagree where the captain should bat. There is the only certainty in England upper order. It is yet to be determined whether Burns will open. Another case is whether to swap Joe Denly and Roy.

England seems unlikely to change their Headingley bowling. Sam Curran will be there since there is no reason for replacing him with Chris Woakes.

Australia has changed its team by replacing Steve Smith No.4 with Marnus Labuschagne. Pat Cummins remains as the only banker among their pacemen while Mitchell Starc is stuck on the sidelines.

Australia has a smart plan in this rally. It seems like Starc will return if the Ashes is retained or Australia faces defeat.

Source Link: https://www.msn.com/en-au/sport/cricket/england-and-australia-openers-under-scrutiny-amid-ashes-uncertainty/ar-AAG8vDn


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