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Drama At a Nightclub as 6 Thugs Attack Danny Drinkwater ‘Seeking to Break His Legs’


This weekend hasn’t been all that smooth for Burnley’s player Danny Drinkwater as reports say he was attacked by six unidentified thugs who beat him mercilessly shouting “Break his legs.” According to Grimsby Live the reason behind the attack is that the England midfielder tried to chat up with Kgosi Ntlhe’s girlfriend.

Kgosi Ntlhe plays for Scunthorpe United and it is said that Drinkwater has on several occasions rubbished the warning he was given to end his advances on the woman, said to be Ntlhe’s lover. Well, this is not the first time as rumors connect Drinkwater’s ejection from Manchester to this same allegation, but all seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

According to several well know news outlets, the Sun being one, it is said that a few days before the incident Danny gave a rude answer saying: “She’s coming home tonight with me”. In a follow-up, reports have it that Ntlhe on one occasion faced the Burnley’s player to have a man to man talk about the issue.

While no evidence has been established suggesting or directly linking Ntlhe with the attack, where a ferocious gang of guys pounced on Drinkwater in a nightclub over the weekend, which screamed: “Break his legs,” it’s clear that the Premier League star should take this as a lesson.

Trusted online sources say they have several photos of the midfielder confirming that indeed he was thoroughly beaten – pointing to his cut cheek, a black eye, and a swollen forehead.

Well, it is highly likely that since the incidence has left not only an emotional mark on him but also body injuries, not forgetting to mention he will not play for several weeks – based on his doctor’s instructions, Drinkwater won’t make himself a target again.

Danny’s spokesperson has come forward to confirm that the player agrees he contributed to what happened, however, he didn’t give any signal to suggest the star will stop pursuing the girl.

Source Link: https://www.grimsbytelegraph.co.uk/news/local-news/danny-drinkwater-beaten-up-after-3296550


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