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Domino’s Launches Innovation Garage to Test Revolutionary Technology


Domino’s has launched an innovation garage at its world resource center that will help in testing new tech. The American based tech hub will revolutionize world markets like that in the UK as it is considering using the garage as a space for collaborating on new and emerging technology.

The space is a 33000 feet square double story structure locate in Ann Arbor. It features an open space that can fit close to 150 teams. The space also includes a functional pizza theater that will be used by the teams to run new tech. Kelly Garcia; Domino’s Chief tech officer stated that the innovation garage would focus on hastening collaboration and creativity.

The chief tech officer also stated that they want their teams to have space where they can experiment. The firm is hoping to foster risk taking and innovation. The space will also have a test area for delivery innovations. This includes customer interface for autonomy delivery robots and vehicles and GPS tracking.

Additionally, the new facility is expected to handle nearly all of Domino’s AnyWare ordering systems, quality assurance lab and in store technology. A hub for a dynamic and smart team tasked with pushing the Domino’s brand forward is important in ensuring its success, according to Garcia.

The technology officer also stated that they are happy and proud that they won a space specifically devoted to exploration, testing, launching and learning new things in ways that only this pizza outlet can.

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